July 28, 2011

CMTL Continues Intel Tested Memory Module EOL Audit

ANAHEIM, Calif., July 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CMTL (www.cmtlabs.com), the industry leader for independent memory module compatibility testing, is performing the second phase of a comprehensive audit for Intel to identify EOL memory modules that that are listed on Intel's approved memory lists and are EOL (End of Life). DRAM is the primary BOM (Bill of Materials) component that causes a part number to become EOL. DRAM manufactures make continual DIE revisions though out the DRAM part number life cycle.

John Deters, CMTL President states, "The primary concern is Intel motherboard customers buying modules that have not been advanced tested for compatibility, performance and reliability. Unfortunately, there are module companies cutting corners wherever they can. This includes blatantly ignoring the requirements for having module part numbers on Intel's approved memory lists. This has resulted in rampant 'bait and switch' sales tactics by companies that have stopped resubmitting modules with current BOM's for Intel advanced compatibility testing. We have discovered companies that have not been in the testing program for over a year, still selling modules as 'Intel Approved' with DRAM part numbers that have been obsolete for over two years."

"There is now a limited number of module companies still committed to ensuring Intel motherboard customers receive products that are reliable and advanced tested for compatibility," Deters commented.

CMTL recommends Intel motherboard customers buy only memory that has successfully passed Intel's advanced compatibility testing process and is listed on the approved memory lists with current BOM's. Modules built with untested BOM's could result in sporadic errors, unstable functionality, unreliable operation, intermittent speed variations and even catastrophic system crashes.

The following module companies offer CMTL verified approved memory for Intel motherboards:

Actica, Apacer, ATP Electronics, Avant Technology, Dataram, Kingston, Legacy Electronics, Netlist, Strontium Technology, Ventura Technology, and Wintec Industries.

About CMTL: Formed in 1996 in order to create an industry de-facto standard for memory module compatibility testing. To date CMTL has performed over 18,000 module compatibility tests for module manufacturers in the industry. CMTL requires a memory module to pass a battery of rigorous compatibility tests on each specific motherboard. In addition, the manufacturer is required that the module part number will only be built with the same components and PCBs (BOM) as the tested module.

Contact: John Deters, CMTL, 770-238-2085, [email protected]