August 1, 2011

Sales for Zenith Infotech’s ‘Cloud Technology’ Continue to Rise

WARRENDALE, Penn., Aug. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Zenith Infotech, an international company that specializes in delivering remote monitoring and management, innovative business continuity, and cloud computing solutions for IT service providers, today announced that more than 1,000 value-added resellers (VARs) and over 3,000 client sites are now experiencing the benefits of Zenith's private cloud platform.


While estimates on the market opportunity from cloud computing varies, it is clear that cloud computing is a hot topic in the technology landscape. According to Akash Saraf, CEO of Zenith Infotech, business owners are actively searching for IT advisors who can deploy enterprise-level cloud solutions scaled for the SMB market. "We are thrilled that many clients love the cost-effective and scalable benefits of having their Zenith private clouds deployed within the security of their own offices while retaining complete control over their information."

Like other Zenith solutions, SmartStyle is priced aggressively to attract solution providers and to create revenue opportunities. Zenith offers partners the flexibility to select the best option to fit their pricing structure with choices such as purchase, rental, or leasing. As part of Zenith's commitment to offering the best technology at a great price, they are offering a special limited time offer on the new mirror cloud business continuity solution. This offer allows for offsite storage at a price of 4 cents per GB*. For more details visit:

According to Richard Reiffer, the new vice president of cloud practice at Zenith, the best value differentiator behind SmartStyle is its fast deployment feature. "Some innovations are smarter than others. Our platform provides infrastructure virtualization, business continuity, and network storage, all in one." To a VAR, this results in minimum training as well as significant savings in terms of engineering time to launch and monitor the system.

"With all these key features, Zenith expects to further ascertain its leadership in the cloud technology market," says Maurice Saluan, senior vice president of sales.

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Zenith Infotech is an international company specializing in delivering remote monitoring and management, innovative business continuity and cloud computing solutions for IT service providers.

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