August 1, 2011

ARMS Introduces Tomorrow’s News Today (TNT) Tracker

GREAT NECK, N.Y., Aug. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ARMS (Accounts Receivable Management Solutions), an affiliated company of Information Clearinghouse, Inc., announced this week the most recent expansion to its suite of services with the launch of Tomorrow's News Today (TNT) Tracker.

The "TNT Tracker" is a proprietary database consisting of companies with planned future layoffs, store closings, manufacturing plant shutdowns, and more. Through extensive research, ARMS is able to provide closure and/or layoff details for companies, primarily privately held, throughout the U.S. The "TNT Tracker" includes the number of employees, effective date and the precise location of the store, warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Lawrence Sarf, Chief Executive Officer, commented: "Information is king and is generally the difference between success and failure when today's executive is striving to be out in front of the competition... knowing well in advance about closings or mass layoffs is just that type of 'pre-emptive weapon,' enabling key business decisions to be made proactively, not reactively. The TNT Tracker provides the foundation for sourcing decisions by Purchasing departments, so they are not blindsided by a supply disruption when a key vendor plans on closing a plant or reducing a shift that might limit available inventory. Similarly the Sales or Marketing executive gets a jumpstart on redirecting promotional dollars or replacing lost volume when alerted to impending closings of manufacturing and retail sites. No matter what your profession, a reliable look into the future is always a good thing... TNT is that crystal ball for Purchasing, Logistics, Sales, Marketing and Finance."

Market Service Inc. (t/a ARMS), along with sister companies F&D Reports ( and Creditntell (, are recognized as the premiere financial consulting services with respect to nearly 20 retail channels of distribution. For a sample look at this truly unique database, contact Lori Ziegler at loriz(at)fdreports(dot)com/800.789.0123 ext.148) or visit and request a trial password.

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