August 2, 2011

Samsung Halting Sales Of Galaxy Tablet In Australia Amid Lawsuit

According to a report by Bloomberg, Samsung Electronics agreed to halt sales of the newest version of its Galaxy tablet in Australia until a patent lawsuit brought by Apple Inc. is resolved.

Bloomberg said Apple sued Samsung in Australia, claiming that its Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes on 10 of the company's patents.

Apple and Samsung have been in the midst of a U.S. legal battle since April.  Apple says Samsung's Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablets "slavishly" copies its iPhone and iPad devices.

The California company is also suing the South Korean company in numerous other countries.

Bloomberg reported that Samsung will also provide Apple three samples of a new Australian version of Galaxy at least seven days before it plans to start distributing it so the U.S. company can review it.

The report said the suit claims that Apple agreed to pay unspecified damages to Samsung if it loses the patent infringement lawsuit.

Samsung's Galaxy products use Google's Android operating system, which is in direct competition with Apple.


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