August 2, 2011

Windows XP Slips In Market Share

According to new statistics, Windows XP is finally seeing its market share drop below 50 percent, reports CNET.

Net Applications said that even though it is still the most heavily used version of the Windows operating system, XP's market share among operating systems is finally losing its overwhelming grip on computer users.

According to Net Applications, the aging OS has been shedding market share each month over the past few years, touching 62 percent a year ago and 51 percent in June before its latest dip in July.

Windows 7, the current version of Microsoft's operating systems, has just under 28 percent share among all operating systems, including Apple's Mac OS X and iOS. 

Overall, Windows controls about 87 percent of the operating system market.

Microsoft said it will cut support for Windows XP in another three years, trying to persuade users to switch to Windows 7 before then. 

A survey of IT professionals last November revealed that half of them were planning on using XP even after the support tap is turned off in 2014.

Apple's Mac OS X 10.6 operating system held only 3.76 percent of the market share, while its latest operating system that was released in July, OS X 10.7, held just 0.32 percent of the market share.

According to Net Applications, Apple's iOS software held 2.82 percent of the market share, while Google's Android 2.2 software held 0.45 percent.

Some users are still hanging on to Windows 98 as it still had 0.06 percent of user's preference in operating systems.


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