August 3, 2011

Japanese Researchers Develop Intelligent Robot

Japanese researchers are developing a robot that can adapt its behavior to new situations and make educated guesses about new challenges.

The researchers are working on a robot that operates based on an algorithm they have termed a self-organizing incremental neural network (SOINN).

The Tokyo Institute of Technology's Osamu Hasegawa researchers found a way to program robots with pattern-based artificial intelligence that allows them to learn from experience.

The team released a video of the robot pouring a cup of water, which was a task it had never been programmed to do.

The robot locates and identifies items on a table during the video, then determines what should be done with them. 

The robot then successfully pours a cup of water, sets it down on a coaster, and then adds a block of ice.

The system can filter useful sensory data from background noise, as well as search the Internet and the experiences of other robots for knowledge. 


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