August 3, 2011

TalktoCanada Launches Video to Share Practical Tips to Improve English Speaking Confidence

OTTAWA, Ontario, Aug. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TalktoCanada, the company trusted by Ernst & Young, Novartis and Saudi Telecom for English language training, has released a new video which will resonate with students who struggle with confidence when learning a new language.

The 3-minute video clip features Jillian Zavitz, a long-time TalktoCanada manager and teacher, and offers simple steps that students can practice to improve their English speaking confidence, and how to sound more assured when learning English.

"Students tell us all the time that being judged, not sounding convincing or the fear of making a mistake are the main reasons why they give up trying to learn English. Since starting out in 2006, we've worked with hundreds of students and have developed helpful methods that eliminate the insecurities related to learning English," says Marc Anderson, General Manager of TalktoCanada.

As a company that fully relies on online video and using WebEx and Skype to teach English online to students around the world, TalktoCanada also wanted to use video to present the company in a more personal light.

"Beyond giving viewers practical tools to improve their English learning experience, the clip is also a way to showcase the personality of our company to a broader audience. TalktoCanada is more than just a website on the other side of a computer network - we are an organization of real teachers, with real experience, built by real people," says Anderson.

TalktoCanada has significantly increased its marketing efforts in 2011. In 2010, the company announced the launch of a Facebook page in English.

Social media is emerging rapidly as a platform where students and teachers interact, and the company has over 2,200 active users on Facebook.

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TalktoCanada was established in 2006 and provides best-in-class English training courses online. The company has trained students from over 80 countries, including Fortune 500 companies such as Ernst & Young, Novartis and Fidelity Investments. TalktoCanada partners with Systems OnLine for all training in the Middle East.

For media inquiries, please contact Jillian Zavitz at +001 631 619 5292 (English/Spanish).

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