August 3, 2011

Story About IE Users Having Lower IQ Was A Hoax

The study that claimed Internet Explorer users had a lower IQ than other web browser users was a hoax.

Alleged research by AptiQuant, a Canadian company, showed that IE users had a below average intelligence than users of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and other Web browsers.

The company claimed it had given free online IQ tests to 100,000 people, and then compared scores against different web browsers.

It said it found that Internet Explorer users scored lower than average, while Chrome, Firefox and Safari users were slightly above average.

AptiQuant's website had only been set up for a few weeks, but the company claimed to have been around for five years.

The company claimed that it had been "threatened with a lawsuit by loyal Internet Explorer users" after it released its "study."

Graham Cluley, senior security consultant at Sophos, told the BBC: "It's obviously very easy to create a bogus site like this: as all phishers know, it's easy to rip-off someone else's webpages and pictures."

The fake study results were reported on major news websites, including RedOrbit.  Other news organizations that posted the story included CNN, BBC, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and Forbes.