August 4, 2011

MotionPortrait and 4COLORS Release New ‘MP-Staff Maker!’

TOKYO, Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MotionPortrait,Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) and 4COLORS (Kanagawa, Japan) are pleased to announce the release of their new "MP-StaffMaker!", which is an online service that enables users to make their own talking banners. It will be available effective August 4.

Their new innovative "MP-StaffMaker!" is powered by the most cutting-edge facial compositing and animation technology developed by MotionPortrait. With the simple upload of a portrait photo, users can make their own banners with talking avatars. What's more, users can access a text-to-speech conversion engine, which covers 16 languages, e.g. English, Chinese and Spanish, in order to make the avatar's dialogue. In the language of their choice, all is available for the reduced cost of only US$ 9.95.

The talking banner enables you to explain your product and services efficiently, allowing for effective utilization of the limited space on your web page. Additionally it improves your "Click Through Rate".

MotionPortrait, Inc. is committed to using its epoch-making facial animation technology to provide unique and compelling services that enrich people's lives.

    "MP-StaffMaker!" Overview
     name:          "MP-StaffMaker!"
    Date:           August 4, 2011
     Price:                                 $9.95 per banner
                    Two days' free trial
    Payment:        PayPal, Credit card
    Steps to make:    1)  Select the size of banner.
                      2)  Upload your photo.
                          Then select hairstyle, clothes.
                      3)  Upload your banner image.
                      4)  Input the avatar's dialogue.
                           Upload voice file, recoding
                           voice, text-to-speech.
                      5)  Set your linked URL.

Company Description

Established July 2007, MotionPortrait, Inc. is an entertainment solutions company that utilizes technology and creativity to enrich people's lives. The company's proprietary MotionPortrait technology instantly converts a photo into 3D computer graphics and generates interactive 3D animation.

*MotionPortrait is a registered trademark of MotionPortrait, Inc.

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