August 4, 2011

New Malware Popping Up On Android Phones

Researchers from CA Technologies said that Android users may be at risk of hackers listening in to their phone calls due to a new piece of malware.

The Trojan virus, according to CA, records phone conversations in "amr" format, which could be published online by cyber criminals.

As the a conversation with an infected phone takes place, the Trojan stores the recorded call in a directory in the SDCard, which could then be uploaded to a server under the hackers control.

"Once the malware is installed in the victim device, it drops a 'configuration' file that contains key information about the remote server and the parameters," CA researcher Dinesh Venkatesan said in a blog post.

"As I already widely acknowledged that this year is the year of mobile malware, we advise smartphone users to be more logical and exercise basic security principles while surfing and installing any applications," Venkatesan said.

Despite the alarming report from CA, some experts believe this malware could simply be an Android app working as intended.

PCWorld reported that Irfan Asrar, an analyst with Symantec Security Response, disagrees with the intent of this application.

"Despite the fact there have been multiple reports of the app uploading the recorded voice conversations to a remote sever, our analysis has found no such functionality. It can record calls; however, physical access to the device is required in order to retrieve them."


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