MarkleyWorks Reaffirms Commitment to Helping Young People Organize for Success

August 5, 2011

The quality-of-life software company based in Tampa, Florida, has launched several initiatives to extend a helping hand to young people struggling with the complexities of today’s world. In their latest initiative, “Free for Three,” MarkleyWorks has pledged to provide free copies of the Student Edition of LightWize Owl to three classrooms of students in Florida.

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) August 04, 2011

In a continued quest to provide a helping hand to young people in America, MarkleyWorks LLC today announced they will provide free copies of the Student Edition of LightWize Owl to the students of three entire classrooms in the Florida public or private school system. In addition, representatives of MarkleyWorks will visit the three classrooms and provide personal, onsite guidance on the importance of organization and how to leverage the Owl to achieve it.

The Owl is a Windows-based personal organization system. It harnesses the power of data base management but is presented in a simple framework of easy-to-use entry screens and pre-designed reports. Users find they become more efficient, less stressed, more creative in analyzing situations and devising solutions, and better able to focus on important goals and objectives. They also learn how to manage a budget and how to plan, schedule, and meet obligations effectively.

In an earlier initiative, MarkleyWorks provided the original LightWize Owl at a 50% discount to encourage young people to use the Owl to get better organized and develop critical life skills.

Seeking to make the Owl even more attractive to young people, MarkleyWorks next developed and released a Student Edition. This version has all the components of the original Owl, plus additional modules for tracking classes and assignments.

As a way to interest parents (and other family members and friends) in the concept, a free copy of the original Owl was offered to anyone purchasing a Student Edition as a graduation gift earlier this year. Like the previous promotions, this effort was designed to help get as many copies of the Owl as possible into the hands and on the computers of the young people in America.

“For us,” said Technical Director Ross Markley, “the mission is very clear. We are aware of how difficult it is for young people today to deal with the complex demands of organizing for success. The demands are especially trying because there are so many distractions that are represented as being productive, when in fact they provide empty “Ëœinfotainment’ that drains positive energy. And these distractions propel the young person down, not up, the ladder of productivity and success. Being computer savvy is very important, and we’re not suggesting that students be discouraged from spending time on a computer. Working with the Owl to organize for success and develop critical life skills would be a powerful way to use some of that time.”

Expressions of interest can be provided by any public school district (or private school) in Florida directly to the administrators of the “Free for Three” program by telephone (305-608-1712) or by email at FreeforThree(at)markleyworks(dot)com.

According to Dale Markley, Business Director of MarkleyWorks, “While this current program is geared mainly toward junior high and high school classes, we believe that students of any age can use and benefit from the Owl. We will be more than happy to consider any classroom in Florida that wishes to participate in this free program.”

More information about the original LightWize Owl, the LightWize Owl Student, and the “Free for Three” promotional opportunity is available at http://www.MarkleyWorks.com.

About MarkleyWorks, LLC:

MarkleyWorks is a privately-owned company based in Tampa, Florida. It was established for the purpose of creating “quality of life” software that would help the average person gain control over the personal computer and its use as a tool to manage personal information. While the primary objective of the Owl is to organize data and allow push-button retrieval of important information, the system also saves time, reduces stress, and provides a solid springboard to success in today’s complex world.

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