August 5, 2011

Spy Plane Capable Of DOS Attacks And Intercepting Cellphones

The $6,000 remote-controlled spy plane features an IMSI catcher and antenna to spoof a GSM cell tower and intercept calls.  It also has a network-sniffing tool and a dictionary of 340 million words for network passwords.

Security researchers Mike Tassey and Richard Perkins said during the conference that their drone can legally fly under 400 feet and within line of sight.

The Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform (WASP) can be programmed with GPS coordinates and Google maps to fly a predetermined course, but requires remote control help to take off and land.

Tassey and Perkins said they created the spy plane as a proof of concept to show what criminals, terrorists and others might be using for their activities.

Tassey told the conference that if the two of them could think up and build a personal spy drone, others were likely already thinking about it too.

Hackers could use the drones to fly above corporations to steal intellectual property and other data from a network, as well as launch denial-of-service attacks.

The researchers also said that the drones could be used for providing emergency cellular access to regions hit by a disaster.

According to the researchers' website, WASP weighs about 13 pounds and has a length of 76 inches. 

The drone has a maximum altitude of around 22,000 feet and a flight time of about 30 to 45 minutes.


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