August 8, 2011

ViXS Systems Introduces Turnkey Hardware and Software Blu-ray & Personal Video Recorder (PVR) Reference Design available for Set-top and Consumer Electronics Manufacturers

TORONTO, Aug. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - ViXS Systems Inc., a leading provider of
smart network multimedia processors, announces today the availability
of its Blu-Ray PVR Reference Design for consumer electronic OEMs, ODMs
and Set-top Box manufacturers.  This unique reference design offers our
customers a powerful Blu-ray PVR solution with the ability to add other
features such as Multiple HD Transcoding , 3D Graphical user
interfaces, live video streaming to iPAD and Tablets together with 3D
TV support all on a single XCode(®) 4210 System on Chip (SoC).

"This reference design provides a go-to-market platform solution for our
customers with unprecedented media processing performance and
concurrency," said Sally Daub, President and CEO of ViXS Systems. "In
addition, it includes a rich software suite of applications that enable
manufacturers to provide a unique and highly integrated media platform
to their end customer."

The reference design combines the following functions of Blu-ray, DVD,
digital recording, broadcast play back, DLNA streaming and advanced
transcoding applications into a single end consumer product.  In most
cases to enable all these features and to do them concurrently requires
several silicon devices but due to the high level of integration and
concurrency found in the ViXS XCode(©) 4210, these features are all performed by a single silicon device.

The ViXS Blu-ray PVR Hardware Reference design includes the following:

        --  Single or Dual Tuner support (ATSC, ISDB-T, DVB-T/T2 options)
        --  Single 10/100 Ethernet port
        --  HDMI 1.4a w/HDCP Output
      o Blu Ray 3D support
        --  Composite Out
        --  Analog L/R Out
        --  SPDIF out
        --  BD/DVD Recordable Drive
        --  SD Card slot
        --  Support for External or Integrated HDD
        --  Built-in WiFi - 802.11n

To order or inquiry about the new ViXS Blu-ray PVR Recorder design,
please email [email protected]

About ViXS Systems Inc.

ViXS is a multimedia solutions innovator providing technologies for
processing, managing, securing and distributing high quality video and
audio allowing seamless control, conversion, and connectivity between
many classes and sizes of digital entertainment devices.

ViXS supplies advanced System-on-Chip semiconductors, software solutions
and hardware reference designs for the world's top manufacturers of
Digital TVs, DVDs, Set-top boxes, Personal Video Recorders, PCs,
Network-Attached Storage devices, Residential/Home Gateways, Blu-ray
players/recorders, as well as Broadcast and Professional Equipment

ViXS is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with global operations and
offices in Europe, Asia and North America. ViXS has filed more than 275
patents worldwide with over 85 patents being issued to date. Listed for
four years running as one of Deloitte's fastest growing North American
companies, ViXS is setting new standards in the way digital
entertainment is viewed and transmitted across an endless array of
multimedia products.

For more information on ViXS, please visit our website:

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