August 8, 2011

MIIAtech, a Search and Analysis Software Company, Unveils Enterprise Software Platform at CRM Evolution

NEW YORK and BRUSSELS, Aug. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MIIAtech (, a next generation search and analysis software company, makes its market debut here at CRM Evolution in New York City (New York Hilton, booth 501).

The company is unveiling a new natural language processing platform, called Tautona(TM), which is an advanced search technology that helps business professionals achieve more accurate results. Tautona understands the meaning of what is being searched for and delivers the precise information required faster and more accurately than a traditional keyword-based search. The new web-based CRM application allows knowledge workers to retrieve client and account-specific information from their organization's large and complex databases. This can be done from anywhere and on multiple devices including PCs, tablets and smart phones.

Tautona broadly addresses the problem of information overload and inadequate searches that hamper large organizations.

"Fifty percent of all searches fail outright and half of the searches we think succeeded actually failed in some way that we aren't aware of," said Jonathan Spira, chief analyst, Basex and author of Overload! How Too Much Information is Hazardous to Your Organization (Wiley & Sons 2011). "As a result, we end up using the obsolete or incorrect information without knowing it."

Tautona is able to search voluminous databases filled with structured and unstructured information by understanding the meaning of both the request and the stored information. The platform is fully cross-lingual, allowing questions to be asked in one language while the search is conducted in another or multi-language database (e.g. Chinese; Russian; and/or French). The answer is returned in the originating language.

"The amount of information that exists in the working world today can be extremely overwhelming. In fact, it's estimated that some 15 petabytes of new information is generated globally every day with 80 percent of this growth being unstructured data," said Stephen Lernout, chairman and CEO of MIIAtech. "Tautona helps business professionals sift through massive amounts of data using natural language to find the exact information they're looking for. In effect, we help data to understand people."

"Tautona represents a significant breakthrough in search by marrying natural language processing with semantic search technology," said Jan Van Sas, chief technology officer, MIIAtech. "The whole team has been working relentlessly to complete the platform."

Tautona is available today either on a software as a service (SaaS) basis or installed on a customer's server. For additional product or sales information, contact Alex Bosmans, vice president, global sales at [email protected].

About MIIAtech

MIIAtech ( is a next generation search and analysis software company. The company has developed an advanced multi-lingual Natural Language Processing platform, called Tautona(TM), which understands the meaning of what is being searched for and delivers the right information when it is needed, faster and more accurately than any other search system. The Tautona platform helps companies to save time and money by helping them to find the precise information they need from large, complex enterprise databases. MIIAtech, part of MIIA Belgium BVBA, is headquartered in Brussels, with corporate and sales offices in Hong Kong and the United States.

Tautona is a trademark of MIIA Belgium BVBA. All other trade names are the property of their respective owners.