Case Study Reveals BestPack.com’s 6″ Packing Tapes and Semi-Automatic Case Sealers Becomes Clothing Companies’ Best Ally Against Pilferage and Expensive Packaging Costs

August 9, 2011

Clothing companies have found the perfect partner in packaging solutions ““ packaging equipment manufacturer BestPack.com. A newly-conducted case study revealed that BestPack.com’s case sealing solution, which includes 6-inch packing tapes and semi-automated case sealers, are now being used to prevent pilferage and stolen items. The 6-inch packing tapes and semi-automated case sealers, when combined, also adds a strong and consistent seal to boxes for protection and a more professional-looking finish.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA (PRWEB) August 08, 2011

Losing millions to theft and packaging costs is something the fashion industry is used to. However, this does not mean accepting the situation and no longer doing anything to prevent this from occurring. Fortunately for clothing companies, packaging equipment manufacturer BestPack.com has introduced and developed an effective case sealing solution that will not only prevent products from being stolen but will also help clothing companies save on packaging costs as well.

A recently concluded case study has revealed that BestPack.com’s case sealing solution for clothing companies, which includes the 6″ packing tapes, are more effective than the traditionally used 2″ or 3″. The 6″ packing tapes offer a wider seal that would prevent the major flaps from being opened without breaking the seal of the box, which would consequently help companies save on costs of lost, stolen, and replacement goods. Compared to the 2″ or 3″ packing tapes, the 6″ printed carton sealing tapes eliminate the excessive and expensive use of tapes on the boxes as there would no longer be the need to 4-edge seal, use water activated gummed tapes, and belly band the boxes.

Aside from the 6″ packing tapes, BestPack.com also suggests installing new 6″ inch random semi-automatic case sealers to lessen the cost of manual labor while at the same time, adding a consistent seal to carton boxes. According to the case study, when it comes to packaging material, BestPack.com has also helped companies save in corrugated costs by cutting 1.5″ of major flaps on each side as these flaps become unnecessary when using a wide piece of packing tape to seal the box. Savings in corrugated costs can amount to as much as $10,800/year for companies who use approximately 1,000 cartons a day.

BestPack.com provides both the packing tape and carton sealing machinery to help companies battle pilferage and expensive packaging costs. Clothing companies, as well as others who belong in the industry, should not suffer from under-filled boxes any longer. With professionally sealed carton boxes from BestPack.com’s packaging solutions, nothing but positive results can be expected.

BestPack.com’s complete line of packing tapes includes the nationwide successful hot-melt and acrylic carton sealing tapes. Additionally, BestPack also offers carton sealers that are manual and automatic to suit each industry and client’s specific needs. To receive exclusive deals and offers, join the company’s mailing list or simply visit the packing tape distributor’s official blog for the latest packaging industry news.


Based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, BestPack is the industry leader in packaging equipment machinery, case sealers, carton erectors and packaging tape. Also providing customized packaging solutions, BestPack is one of the most reliable and dependable manufacturers of all product packaging systems. This press release was produced by Cybertegic.com – an Internet marketing services agency that specializes in search engine optimized press release marketing (SEO marketing).


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