August 9, 2011

Pollenware Chooses Tervela to Stream Real-Time Data, Accelerate Time-to-Market

NEW YORK, Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Tervela, the leading provider of high-speed, no-loss data fabric infrastructure for mission-critical applications, today announced that Pollenware has selected Tervela's Data Fabric solution to enhance its Optimized Collaborative Auction Platform. Pollenware, a pioneer in Cash Flow Optimization solutions, will use Tervela's products to provide clients with high-value financial data streams sourced from 3rd-parties, and delivered with sub-second response times. Pollenware will also use Tervela to underpin its next-generation of web infrastructure.

"Responsiveness is of the utmost importance to our business, in everything from access speeds, to new feature delivery, to the time it takes getting new customers on-boarded," said Pete Thomas, CTO of Pollenware. "We evaluated numerous alternatives to evolve our platform - from open-source middleware to enterprise virtualization. Tervela provided us with a way to make substantial improvements to our technology and roll them out quickly, with far less cost and risk."

Tervela's data fabric platform radically improves the reliability, performance and cost efficiency of infrastructures that require high speed, no-loss movement of data across complex and demanding business environments. Customers overlay Tervela's hardware and software appliances on top of existing feeds, databases, and cloud services to build high-performing distributed applications on the WAN.

Pollenware selected Tervela for the following reasons:

  1. Real-time data with sub-second response. Tervela's high-performance data fabric means that Pollenware clients can access critical information with sub-second response times. This is a substantial improvement over previous benchmarks of 3-5 seconds or more.
  2. Easy integration of contextual data feeds. The data integration framework that Tervela provides makes it easy for Pollenware to enhance its client experience by quickly adding new data feeds supplied by external sources.
  3. 50% faster customer on-boarding. Tervela allows Pollenware's next-generation applications to use fewer components, thereby eliminating QA cycles, customization work, and regression testing, and speeding up customer on-boarding by 50%.
  4. Reliable design, out of the box. By building on Tervela's data fabric platform, Pollenware's applications will be able to rely on no-loss data transfer, fault-tolerance, data integrity, and security without any additional application-level development.
  5. Bridge to new technologies. Tervela allows Pollenware to plug existing components into the data fabric, and then easily switch them out as newer technologies become available. This avoids the need to rewrite major portions of Pollenware's infrastructure, accelerating time-to-market.
  6. Flexible, low-cost customization for clients. By allowing customized modules to easily plug into the fabric and operate on behalf of specific customers without affecting others, Tervela allows Pollenware to reduce support and implementation costs.
  7. Scalable multi-tenancy. Tervela's built-in security model and highly efficient data routing allows Pollenware to build a multi-tenancy model that scales to accommodate its forecasted substantial growth.

"Pollenware's innovative use of technology is one of the keys to their continued success," said Eric Schnadig, CEO of Tervela. "We are pleased to provide them with a foundation of technology that makes them faster and more agile, both with regard to bringing new clients on-board, and developing the technology advances that ultimately propel them in the marketplace."

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Tervela provides a market-leading data fabric solution that radically improves the reliability, performance and cost efficiency of infrastructures that require high speed, no-loss movement of data across complex and demanding business environments such as global trading, telecommunications, cyber security, and new media. Founded in 2004, Tervela is deployed in leading Financial Services companies, including proprietary trading firms IV Capital and Allston Trading; prime brokerages such as GBM; brokers such as Goldman Sachs; and interdealer brokers and exchanges such as ICAP. For more information, please visit

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