August 9, 2011

The Dollar Shave Club: The End of Overpriced Razor Blades

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The hottest trend amongst consumers today is the desire to have everything delivered to their doorstep. From new sheets and socks, to steak or wine, where there is demand, there is delivery.

Enter the Dollar Shave Club, a new e-commerce venture created for every man & woman who shaves. The Dollar Shave Club is the first of its kind, offering a monthly subscription program for shavers: For about $1 a month, they'll send you five of their original "Ninja" razor cartridges - and the compatible stick - right to your door.

"We started the company because we were tired of spending $20 a month on razor blades," explains Michael Dubin, Founder of the Dollar Shave Club. "Razor cartridges have gotten so complicated. Who needs their razor to light up, vibrate, or squirt shaving cream? We just need a good shave and mostly, we need to remember to buy blades."

Apparently, Dubin is not alone. The two most common complaints by men who shave: they never have a fresh razor blade when they need one and most blades that fit into today's fancy razors are overpriced. As such, the goals of the Dollar Shave Club are convenience and affordability - without sacrificing quality.

The Ninja Blade has everything a razor should: stainless steel twin blades, an aloe vera lubricating strip, a pivot head, and the Ninja Blades are compatible with all Gillette Sensor® Sticks.

Joining the club is easy. Simply enter the site, select the blade, choose your plan and checkout. Plans come in 2-Year ($24), 1-Year ($18), 6-Month ($10.74), and there is even a pay-as-you-go plan ($1.99) for the commitment-phobic shaver.

"Gone are the days of showing up to work looking like you slept in a motel because you forgot to buy blades, borrowing your girlfriend's razor, and spending hundreds of dollars a year on razor blades," continues Dubin. "We challenge every man to try it. I use it everyday, and it's a great shave."

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Press contact: Michael Dubin, 1-610-256-3489, [email protected]

SOURCE Dollar Shave Club