August 10, 2011

APCO Awards Contract to ATDI, Inc.

MCLEAN, Va., Aug. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ATDI, Inc., a leading developer of RF planning tools, and AFC, APCO's Spectrum Management Division are pleased to announce that ATDI has won the contract to provide APCO AFC with a new RF Engineering software platform. ATDI has been contracted to provide a zero-footprint, Modified Off-the-Shelf software solution to support the 70 volunteer Local Advisors that work with AFC. The software platform will also assist APCO AFC staff in their frequency coordination analyses and communication with FCC. ATDI will be using its flagship Commercial Off-the-Shelf RF Network Planning tools ICS telecom and ICS map server as part of the customized delivery. The software delivery will include new features that will allow APCO AFC and their Local Advisors to be fully compliant with FCC Part 90 Narrowbanding requirements including implementation of Technical Systems Bulletin 88.C (TSB-88.C) from the Telecommunications Industry Association as well as Region 8 compliance.

"ATDI is excited to have the opportunity to work with APCO AFC's large user base and to evolve our product line. We believe that the successful implementation of this new zero-footprint software platform will resonate strongly in the entire spectrum management domain not only in the United States but also abroad," said Pierre Missud ATDI, Inc. CEO and founder.

" As the leading Public Safety Part 90 coordinator, APCO AFC looks forward to working with ATDI to improve frequency allocation assignments and to provide its Local Advisors with state-of-the-art RF engineering software solutions to streamline the frequency coordination process," said Farokh Latif, APCO AFC Director.

About ICS telecom & ICS map server -- ICS telecom is ATDI's legacy software platform for planning telecommunication networks and frequency nomination for government and commercial networks operating in the VLF-EHF bands. Advanced features in ATDI's legacy product line include: the ability to validate proposed frequency plans against the FCC database, modeling the net interference discrimination across the band between the potential interfering transmitters and victim receivers, modeling the impact of noise degradation and coverage reliability according to TSB-88.C guidelines and more.

About ATDI, Inc.

ATDI is an international organization composed of 10 different offices located around the world as well as several authorized distributors. ATDI supports over 500 customers worldwide with their commercial software product line. ATDI has over 94 spectrum regulatory authorities as clients. ATDI was originally founded in 1991 in Paris, France. ATDI is currently managed by its founders.

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About APCO International's Spectrum Management Division

AFC is APCO's spectrum management arm, providing comprehensive radio frequency management for public safety agencies. With the most experienced staff and the largest network of volunteer experts, AFC is the only organization that provides full radio frequency management services, including frequency coordination and engineering, and license preparation and management for public safety agencies. AFC is a Federal Communications Commission certified public safety coordinator and, as a division of APCO, AFC's revenue is invested back into the public safety communications community.

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