August 11, 2011

AT&T Beefing Up Mobile Security

AT&T said Thursday that it is partnering with Juniper Mobile to offer a new security platform and additional services designed to protect its mobile customers.

The company said it will start selling the platform to businesses later this year, and says it plans a consumer-grade version next year.

The platform is part of what the company calls a comprehensive security offering integrating both wirelines and wireless security policies for consumer, business and government customers.

Juniper acquired S-Mobile Systems last year, which offered smartphone security to high-profile government and corporate officials.

"Mobile security is the 'next frontier' for our continued effort to mitigate cyber-threats and to help protect our customers' information," said Ed Amoroso, AT&T's chief security officer.

The AT&T Mobile Security applications will allow companies using the platform to maintain compliance with government regulations, enforce their own security policies, manage personal or corporate-owned devices, monitor and control applications, and protect against viruses and other malware.

"Teaming with AT&T to bring this unique and comprehensive mobile security solution to market will enable a vast number of consumers and enterprises to have state-of-art security features in their mobile life and be better protected from malicious threats," Mark Bauhaus, an executive in charge of device and network services for Juniper, said in a statement.

Sprint Nextel also said it would begin selling an Android version of the McAfee security software for smartphones and tablets.


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