August 11, 2011

LoJack for Laptops Named Editors’ Choice by PC Magazine

Theft Recovery Software Receives 4.5 Stars; Rated Highest Against Competitive Solutions

VANCOUVER, Aug. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - Absolute(®) Software Corporation ("Absolute" or the "Company") (TSX: ABT), the
leading provider of endpoint security and management solutions today
announced that its consumer product, Computrace LoJack(®) for Laptops , has been named PC Magazine's Editors' Choice for laptop theft recovery software.

The PC Magazine Editors' Choice honor is given to top rated products
that have been thoroughly tested by the publication's team of
experienced reviewers. Computrace LoJack for Laptops received 4.5 out
of a possible 5 stars, the highest rating among four other competitive
solutions evaluated.

Computrace LoJack for Laptops was recognized not only for its
sophisticated locate, lock, and delete functionality, but also for its
unique ability to manage the theft recovery process and help consumers
safely get back their stolen devices. According to Neil J. Rubenking,
PC Magazine reviewer and lead analyst for security, "By using a
dedicated Theft Recovery Team, Absolute Software avoids turning the
user into a vigilante forensic data collector." In addition, Computrace
LoJack for Laptops was recognized for its ability to remain stealth and
active on a laptop even after a device is wiped clean. "The persistence
module lets [LoJack for Laptops] continue protecting the laptop after a
hard drive reformat or replacement, something none of the competition
can do," Rubenking noted.

"We know how devastating laptop theft can be, and we take pride in
knowing that our software has helped countless consumers all over the
world to secure and get their devices back safely," said Mark Grace,
Vice President of Consumer Business, Absolute Software. "Recognition
from PC Magazine, one of the industry's top technology resources for
consumers, only validates what we already know: LoJack for Laptops is
the superior choice in its category."

For consumers interested in protecting their laptops and data
immediately, Absolute is offering a buy-one, get-one free discount* on
standard and premium editions of Computrace LoJack for Laptops. For
more information or to purchase LoJack for Laptops, please visit

* Limited time offer. Promotion expires on August 31, 2011.

How Computrace Technology Works

Computrace® and LoJack for Laptops are powered by the Absolute Software patented
Computrace persistence technology. When embedded in the firmware of
computers from leading computer manufacturers*, Computrace can survive
operating system re-installations, as well as hard-drive reformats,
replacements and re-imaging, helping to ensure that the service is
there when you need it most. Whether a PC or Mac, the software is
virtually undetectable and phones home to the Absolute Monitoring
Center with location and asset information. If a computer is reported
stolen, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team works on behalf of the
customer to gather evidence from the computer to identify the thief's
location, and then works with local police to get the computer back.
Customers can also remotely delete data to help keep it out of the
hands of unauthorized users - a reliable contingency in case data
protection solutions fail. Computrace or LoJack for Laptops can be
easily activated by customers when they install a license ranging from
1-3 years.

*For a list of computers with firmware-embedded support, visit

About Absolute Software

Absolute Software Corporation (TSX: ABT) is the leader in tracking,
managing, and protecting computers and mobile devices. The Company's
Computrace, Absolute Manage and LoJack for Laptops solutions provide
theft recovery, data protection and computer lifecycle management
capabilities to organizations and consumers. The Company's software
agent is embedded in the firmware of computers by global leaders,
including Acer, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, General Dynamics Itronix, HP,
Lenovo, Motion, Panasonic and Toshiba, and the Company has reselling
partnerships with these OEMs and others, including Apple. For more
information about Absolute Software, visit and

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