Zabasearch.com Issues Warning to Victims of Wallet and Purse Theft to Beware of Follow Up Scam

August 12, 2011

Zabasearch.com Seeks to Help Protect Citizens from becoming Victims Twice Through One Act of Theft

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) August 10, 2011

Zabasearch.com seeks to enlighten the public that some thieves are not satisfied at only stealing people’s purses or wallets with their debit and credit cards, checkbooks, and cell phones. Some thieves are seeking to take the heist to the next level. The vandal uses the stolen items to glean information about the victim’s identity.

The information is used to call the victim a short time afterwards claiming to be the bank fraud department. They can keep the victim from calling the bank by acting soon after the wallet goes missing, and explain their phone call saying they noticed fraudulent activity on the account. The scammer then uses their venerable state to obtain sensitive personal information. This can be achieved a variety of ways. For example, the “fraud department” urges the victim to change their pin numbers immediately over the phone. Victims change the pin by telling him their “old” number, then choosing the new one. The thief also takes advantage of the situation by collecting passwords, social security numbers, and other sensitive information.

Zabasearch.com, a leading resource in people search, reverse phone look-up, and public records, hopes to educate victims of theft. Unfortunately the tragedy of losing a wallet leaves a victim open to scammers who take advantage of those who are not on their guard. Zabasearch.com offers the following warning signs of a potential scam:

â–    Receiving a phone call from somebody saying they are from the bank, asking about recent activity on a credit card or account.

â–    An unsolicited caller asks to confirm credit card and bank account details over the phone.

â–    The caller claims that there has been fraudulent activity found on a bank account.

â–    The caller advises to contact a fake fraud investigations body, and discourages from contacting the bank or credit union.

The most effective scams play on fear. Zabasearch.com seeks to protect and aid those who fall victim to thieves, not only once, but twice through this scam. Zabasearch.com seeks to help through offering reverse phone number, name look-up services, and public records. When receiving a phone call that fits the warning signs listed above, immediately use Zabasearch.com and enter the 10 digit number or name listed on the Caller ID. Contact the authorities with the information immediately. Never give out information over the phone to an unsolicited caller. The best solution is to visit a financial institution in person to ensure security.

About Zabasearch.com

Zabasearch.com is a public records search engine that provides access to information based on a 10 digit number or name. Zabasearch.com quickly accesses public information and displays what is available in the public domain. Zabasearch.com simply serves as a search engine in locating available public records and does not create the records found. Information typically makes it to the public domain via a wide variety of sources, including but not limited to: phone listings, court records, real property records, subscriptions etc. Sources vary state by state and region by region.


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