Mercer County Home Remodeler Announces Five Ways to Create a Healthy and Safe Home

August 15, 2011

Hranek Homes in Ewing, New Jersey Shares Expertise to Help Homeowners Create Healthy and Safe Homes

Ewing, NJ (PRWEB) August 14, 2011

People take their cars in for regular oil changes, yet when it comes to their homes people tend to put off maintenance and repairs. Homeowners shouldn’t procrastinate. By properly maintaining their homes, people will not only protect their biggest financial investment, but their family’s health and well being.

“So many people are living in hazardous conditions,” says Jim Hranek, founder of Hranek Homes, who feels strongly about the subject. “Helping people improve their living conditions and create healthy environments in their homes is important.”

According to this Ewing, New Jersey based home remodeler, the following home repairs and maintenance are essential:

A damaged roof can cause leakage which may not seem like a big problem, but if ignored long enough can lead to mold and mildew growth. In addition ““ depending on the severity of the problem ““ leaks can lead to structural damage, insulation, flooring, and drywall damage, as well as a variety of health problems.

Water can also seep into a house from a leak in the foundation or small gaps around windows or doors. A damp basement is commonly caused by moisture migrating through a concrete foundation. For all the reasons listed above, homeowners should fix these problems as soon as possible.

Surprisingly, water damage can also occur in chimneys causing interior and exterior damage. Installing or replacing a chimney cap or repairing or replacing flashing may help.

Hazards such as steps, hanging branches, the edge of a pool or pond, and abrupt changes in elevation can all be avoided with properly placed exterior lighting. A well lit main entrance is important so people can find their way in and out of the house safely at night or during early morning hours.

Gutter systems play an important role in preventing water damage to siding and can prevent foundation problems, flooding in basements, water erosion, and damage to landscaping. Properly placed pavers can also help divert water away from the home.

A home should be a safe haven where families can grow. By maintaining a house properly, homeowners can create a healthy environment and feel proud of their homes.

About Hranek Homes

Hranek Homes, based in Ewing, New Jersey, provides home remodeling and maintenance services and specializes in roofing, vinyl siding, finished basements, flooring, window and door installation, gutter installation, chimney repair, and installation of exterior lighting and pavers . Founder Jim Hranek has 17 years in the construction industry and is well qualified to tackle any project, no matter how large or small. To learn more about this exceptional company, please visit their website at http://www.mercercountycontractor.com.


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