August 15, 2011

Google Search Success Rate Losing Ground To Yahoo, Bing

Internet search behemoth Google has been slowly losing ground to Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing when it comes to successfully searching on the internet, which is defined as a search that results in a person actually clicking through to a web site, PC World is reporting.

Sixty-six percent of all searches in July of this year were conducted using Google's search engine. However more than 80 percent of searches conducted on both Yahoo and Bing were successful, compared to only 68 percent of Google searches.

Online competitive intelligence company Experian Hitwise released the figures last Thursday in a report that comes mere weeks after a debate between tech pundits about whether or not Microsoft should sell Bing.

New York Times columnists expressed that Bing has become a, "distraction for the software giant." Bing and sites it powers such as Yahoo, only control about 27 percent of the US market.

Countering those opinions, Computerworld replied that 27 percent of the market is still "a tremendous revenue opportunity" and that "if Microsoft abandons Bing, it might as well just about abandon its entire online presence, because aside from Hotmail, Bing is its only substantial internet service."

The Experian Hitwise report says that July was the third straight month that Bing-powered searches increased. They accounted for 28 percent of the online searches conducted in July.


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