August 15, 2011

Courseload Announces Enhancements to Version 2 Software

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Just weeks after launching version 2 of its groundbreaking digital textbook and course materials platform, Courseload, Inc., has announced a series of product enhancements that add user tools and increase Courseload v2's speed and accessibility.

The leading innovator in the aggregation, delivery and use of e-textbooks and course materials, Courseload offers a device- and content source-neutral platform for universities looking to make the transition to digital. Students, faculty and institutions using the Courseload platform have lauded its study and collaboration tools, intuitive user interface, and accessibility from multiple devices.

Unveiled this morning, the Courseload v2 enhancements include the ability to tag, upload and organize documents and folders; summaries of shared user notes; and the ability to embed video, audio and digital learning tools. In addition, the platform now supports integration with all LTI-compliant Learning Management Systems and open source content and library systems. It delivers at high speed while consuming less bandwidth, and offers navigation enhancements that strengthen its accessibility for all students, including those with learning disabilities and other limitations addressed by Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

"We never stop seeking ways to enhance our product," said Mickey Levitan, Co-Founder and CEO of Courseload. "We're constantly listening to users, collaborating with academic partners, and investigating new approaches, always with the goal of offering the best option for the delivery of and engagement with digital course materials."

When it went live with the HTML5-based Courseload v2 in June, Courseload touted the new version's more intuitive user interface, enhanced accessibility, accelerated page delivery, and availability on tablets such as the iPad, smartphones and Android devices.

The new enhancements are available to all Courseload users today.


Courseload is the leading device- and content source-neutral aggregator and distributor of digital textbooks and course materials. Courseload's approach eliminates the barriers that have impeded the print-to-digital evolution in academia while providing deep cost reductions to students and institutions and improving academic outcomes. With digital materials stored in one central location and accessible from multiple devices, Courseload enables students to learn and collaborate more successfully, provides faculty with digital tools and analytics that support teaching, and protects content owners from piracy and eroding revenue streams.

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SOURCE Courseload, Inc.