August 16, 2011

Q-Sensei Launches FeedBooster, the First RSS Feed Reader Powered With Next-Generation Search and News Filtering

ROCKLEDGE, Florida, August 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Free Web-Based Feed Reader Funnels Feeds Into an Organized Knowledge and
Productivity Tool

Helps Users Quickly Search, Find and Explore Relevant Info From RSS Feed

Q-Sensei today launches its FeedBooster, an advanced web-based feed
reader with unique and powerful search technology enabling users to "boost"
productivity by quickly and accurately honing in on relevant and timely
information from the wealth of RSS news, blogs and business feeds. The free
web-based service is up and running today and can be accessed at

Q-Sensei's FeedBooster eliminates the stress of being 'behind' on
reading, tagging and bookmarking feeds. It features a customizable dashboard
to read and access feeds, powered with Q-Sensei's patented multi-dimensional
search technology that lets readers easily search, browse, discover and
share key information when and as they need it. FeedBooster becomes a
powerful archive and controlled knowledge tool turning RSS subscriptions
into a mine of information, whether for a casual reader's interest in
cultural news or for an executive's interest in company and market trend
information to maintain competitive advantage. With minimal clicks, users
can cull the relevant from irrelevant news through the dynamic
next-generation search engine.

The Technology. Q-Sensei developed a patented search technique called
multi-dimensional search, which lets users quickly hone in on relevant
information not just by key word (full text), but also by a simple or
multiple combination of specific "dimensions" or filters such as date,
author, source, tag and language. With this level of granularity,
FeedBooster users can personalize and change the combination of filters to
set up multiple "Search Profiles" - one-click saved searches of self-curated
mashup of feeds - to continuously and effortlessly track news tailored to
users' varied information needs. FeedBooster was also designed to offer a
high level of dashboard customization so that the feeds can be arranged and
presented in the user's preferred order.

"We would like to present a new standard for information search and
consumption where dynamic multi-dimensional searching is essential to filter
through the abundance of information around us," explained Ute Rother, CEO
of Q-Sensei. "We developed FeedBooster to help people stay on top of news
and get the most out of their favorite feeds. People want to stay abreast of
the best and most relevant news from sources they trust - be it politics,
music, entertainment or market news sites, friends' blogs or industry feeds.
Our multi-dimensional search-powered FeedBooster lets the user stay in the
driver's seat on a fast track to the right information."

The Q-Sensei FeedBooster also features:

        - Single log-in via Google, Facebook and Open-ID
        - Easy import from Google Reader; selection of feed sets on news,
          politics, business, entertainment, technology, science, sports and
          music; import of individual feeds
        - Graphically-designed, user-friendly interface to add and manage
          unlimited feeds
        - Three browsing formats - grid, index and table formats to expand
          or limit details presented to headlines or longer news summaries
        - Social sharing of liked feed items via email, Twitter or
        - Granular customization of the reader interface to control feed
          trends - e.g. setting the sort order for the feeds, easy on-off and
          frequency control on filters
        - Text highlights on searches

Tablet and smartphone versions scheduled for the fall. FeedBooster apps
for tablet and smartphone devices - iOS and Android - will be available this

About Q-Sensei:

Q-Sensei is a new and powerful approach to search navigation which
addresses the increasing volumes of structured and unstructured information
on the Internet, in businesses networks (Intranets), on private computers,
personal databases and hand-held devices. With Q-Sensei, users can quickly
find - and discover - the relevant "needles" in the endless "haystacks" of
data through its powerful multi-dimensional searching and indexing engine.
Q-Sensei Corp. was formed in 2007 as a Delaware corporation out of a merger
of the German-based social knowledge network Lalisio and the American search
specialist QUASM. Q-Sensei's Search and Presentation Engine is protected by
U.S. Patents 7,080,059 and 7,680,777. More information can be found at

Press Contact:

Catherine Colton, Phone: +1-718-596-7509, Email: [email protected],
Twitter: @qsensei

SOURCE Q-Sensei Corp.