August 19, 2011

Voyager Software and Saber – A Unique Market Offering – August 2011

MANCHESTER, England, August 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Voyager Software remains 'The Recruiters choice' for Byron
Finance as Voyager and Saber Analytics announce a truly unique offering to

their customer base.

Paul Thompson, Director of Sales at Voyager Recruitment Software
[ ], today announced, "We've worked extremely hard to
ensure our suite of products integrates with the very best 3rd party
solutions [ ] - this includes Saber's powerful
management tracking and visual display tools. Voyager has an exhaustive
suite of management tools but with Saber, these statistics come alive.
Whilst it is difficult to see the disappearance of the white board adorning
90% of Recruiters' walls, why not get a virtual one projected on the wall
instead - including the red board marker!!"

Fancy having your very own 'placement dance video' projected on the wall
for your peers to see? Or maybe your top recruiters represented as jockeys
on a horse racing towards their target? OK, so some of us may prefer simple
graphical representations and find me an FD who doesn't get all excited when
presented with a broken Excel formula to crack but many recruiters have been
asking us to present 'the numbers' in an interesting and fun way. Saber and
Voyager combined offers a unique tool but just don't take our word for it.
Andrew, a customer for a number of years has some pretty statistics he's
equally happy to shout about.

Andrew Michelmore commented, "Byron Finance
[ ] had been running a 'traditional' recruitment
sales floor with whiteboards and a self-written Access programme as the main
methods of tracking activity and sales success prior to Voyager and Saber. We
implemented Voyager's recruitment software back in 2003 and the whole
company was very comfortable with it. We've established a great working
relationship with them and regular upgrades, simply implemented, have proven
essential to the success of Byron Finance - it's been a great partnership.

"Voyager and Saber combined has made a 60% improvement in our sales
activity, and has paid for itself in management time alone. Voyager and
Saber now represent the technical backbone of our organisation and it's been
a great experience which has seen us stay ahead of the competition.

"At a click of a button I can set a target for the whole business.
Currently we have a monthly target on new business and cold approaches,
along with CV's submitted. Whilst I monitor the conversion ratios with the
management team privately I currently have CV submissions displayed in the
form of a horse race on a wall mounted plasma screen! It's great fun and the
staff love to see their names in lights - well, horses actually. It's not
all about the hard stick, things have moved on since the 90's. Saber has a
modern approach to performance management and our confidence in their
ability to work with us to create meaningful and effective Management tools
and KPI's has been matched by their ability to deliver an extremely
effective solution for Bryon Finance.

"Saber and Voyager were totally confident in their ability to work and
the marriage has net us significant returns. The subsequent implementation
was smooth and everything we had hoped for with information flowing
effectively to Saber from Voyager, from Outlook and from our telephony
system has been extremely slick. They have made a very positive difference
to the atmosphere on the sales floor and there are lots of music and
pictures when sales are made - now there is a real buzz. Weaker months can
see Saber and Voyager highlight training requirements and reassurance of a
building pipeline - it's not all about the hand slaps and bell ringing. The
net result - customers benefit from our increased productivity and

Byron has 3 screens on the sales floor presenting live figures and
statistics to the staff. The best statistic of all "sales activity is up 60%
as a result of Saber and Voyager's solution and our revenue performance is
up 20%."

Tony Dandridge from Saber says: "Voyager are obviously a major player in
the recruitment database world, every Voyager customer we've met extols
their solution's reliability, forward thinking, flexibility and most
importantly, their customer focus. Our solution takes data from the front
office and as such we tend to have a close relationship with the supplier;
Voyager are very easy to work with and in every instance have gone over and
above to put their client first."

To celebrate Byron's success with Saber and Voyager - Saber is pleased
to offer a preferential rate for Voyager customers. To receive more
information contact [email protected] with 'Saber' in the subject

About Voyager Software Limited - Voyager Software Limited is a leading
provider of advanced, fully integrated, end-to-end recruitment solutions
including Voyager Professional, Voyager Commercial, Voyager VDQ! and Voyager
Mid-Office. Intuitive, innovative and functionally rich, our products have
been designed by recruiters to enable customers to spend time growing their
client and candidate relationships rather than painstakingly logging their
activities. With headquarters in the UK, and offices in Australia, our
products are used in over 20 different countries by many thousands of users
in different-sized recruitment businesses.


About Saber - Saber inspires and empowers your recruitment business. By
providing accurate and relevant real time performance information where it
needs to be; latent, competitive energy is released, positive behaviours are
reinforced and areas of difficulty are identified and remedied. Saber is
recruitment specific and used by over 150 brands globally.

Paul Thompson, Director at Voyager Software Limited on +44(0
)800-008-6262 or email [email protected]

Tony Dandridge, Director Saber, 08000-350-120 or
[email protected]

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