August 23, 2011

TouchPad Price Drop Prompts Sell-out


Hewlett-Packard´s recent decision to discontinue its TouchPad tablet computer from its tech lineup got consumers in a buying frenzy as the computer giant also dropped the price on its lowest-priced tablet from $499.99 to $99.99.

Demand also skyrocketed for the 32GB version which fetched a cool price tag of $149.99 vs. its normal $599.99 price. Retailers quickly sold out of the TouchPad, and now many are featured on eBay for $200 to $300 by resellers.

Even as HP is dropping the WebOS platform on TouchPad, consumers quickly scooped up the tablets. HP confirmed the WebOS system had many problems, which didn´t seem to bother the numerous people vying for a TouchPad.

It does seem like HP has done the TouchPad a huge favor by abandoning it. Just a few weeks ago barely a soul wanted the device for a discounted $300. But now, since they have all sold out at retailers, some don´t mind paying $300 or more on eBay to get their hands on the now-redundant tablet.

Now that HP abandoned TouchPad´s WebOS, a bounty has been announced on Monday, offering upwards of $1500 for anyone who can get Android to work on the TouchPad.

HP effectively dropped the device, which was in a losing battle against the hugely popular iPad from Apple. HP also announced it would no longer support its Palm Pre smartphones. HP said it would keep its WebOS software, using it mainly for printers and other products. HP acquired WebOS last year when it purchased Palm for $1.2 billion.

HP´s website states that TouchPads are sold out, but indicated more may become available soon.

“Due to the significant price reduction, we experienced overwhelming demand for the product and are temporarily out of inventory,” said a statement found on

The TouchPad was launched on July 1 in a bid to grab up a slice of the lucrative tablet market. But it could not effectively compete with Apple´s iPad dominance, partly due to the limited number of apps the tablet boasted.

Leo Apotheker, chief executive at HP, said the company plans to sell or spin off HP´s computing division. The move sent shockwaves through the PC industry.


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