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Summer Sale From Namesco Places Premium Web Hosting and Security Features Firmly in the Public Domain

August 24, 2011

LONDON, August 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Namesco are spearheading the democratisation of the World Wide Web by
offering discounts of up to 50% on premium web hosting
[http://www.names.co.uk/hosting.html ] products that can bring
professionalism to the smallest of websites.

The secure transmission of data, and in particular payment information,
has been a huge issue for increasingly wary online consumer in recent years.
The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is the established security
solution for online commerce, providing a means of both proving the identity
of the website, and encrypting sensitive information.

While the cost of SSL certificates has previously been prohibitive for
many smaller websites, the 40% discount offered by the Namesco Summer Sale
offers affordable professional security for the fledgling domain. Three
tiers of SSL certificate from the world’s second largest digital certificate
provider, Geotrust, are currently being included in the Namesco Summer Sale
at a discount of 40%. SSL certificates ensure that information such as
credit card details transferred through the website is encrypted, protecting
the end user. Digital certificates also protect against online fraud, and
phishing, by verifying the identity of the server and website to which the
end user is connecting.

While a basic web hosting package can put a new site online, this does
not automatically mean that this new domain [http://www.names.co.uk ] will
be picked up by search engines. Namesco offer an automated Search Engine
submission service called Hypersubmit, which ensures that new websites are
indexed by hundreds of Search Engines across the globe. With Hypersubmit now
offered at a 40% discount, the newly established domain is guaranteed to be
‘seen’ by those browsing online through the most important search engines,
such as Google and Yahoo.

The cost of premium e-mail packages from Namesco have attracted the
biggest discount in the summer Sale, with a 50% reduction in the cost of
five different e-mail services on offer. Accessing, organising and
synchronising e-mails across multiple computers is essential for most online
commerce, and now the small start-up domain can bolt on these professional
features to their web hosting package from Namesco at half the monthly cost,
and enjoy being on an equal technological footing with much more established

About Names.co.uk

Namesco Ltd is an Internet and domain name hosting service. Founded in
1996, the company has gone through various changes after a plethora of
business purchases, including the acquisition of Simply.com and NDO Limited.
Industry leaders in webhosting, domain registration, broadband and server
solutions, Namesco are continuing to grow. Visit the website at


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