August 24, 2011

35% Of Tablet Owners Use Their Device In The Bathroom


A new survey has found that one out of three people admitted to using their tablet computers while in the bathroom.

The survey by office-supply seller Staples Inc. asked 200 tablet computer users about their preferences and habits. 

The unscientific survey found that 35 percent of the respondents admitted to using their iPad, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy or other tablets while in the bathroom.

They also found that the ability to store and carry around a tablet easily was a top selling point for over 90 percent of those who bought them.

Staples reports that 78 percent of respondents said they had used their tablets in bed and 30 percent said they had used them in restaurants.

"Being able to tuck a tablet into a portfolio or small bag was more important than the ability to video conference, the device's operating system or easy access to office e-mail and VPN," the company said in a report on the survey released Tuesday.

At least 80 percent of respondents said they "enjoy a better work-life balance" because of their iPad or tablet, while 60 percent said they get more work done because of the device. 

"For employers, the benefit is having a more productive workforce that's always connected to what's happening at the office," Ed Ludwigson, vice president and general manager for Staples Technology Solutions, the technology products and services division of Staples Advantage, said in a press release.

According to the survey, 60 percent of current tablet owners believe tablets will someday serve as their primary computing device. 


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