August 25, 2011

New Project Aims To “Unlock Human Potential”

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone leaked a few details on Wednesday about his first project since leaving the microblogging site: a new application called 'Lift', designed to “unlock human potential through positive reinforcement.”

The project falls under the domain of the Obvious Corporation, a tech incubator founded by Williams in the mid-2000s to support his assorted projects. The company was revived earlier this year with Stone and former Twitter vice president Jason Goldman as co-founders.

“We love this software for what it does, and because we´ve tried it and it works,” wrote Stone in a blog posting, entitled “Unlocking Potential”, on Obvious Corp.´s website.

The app´s creators are Jon Crosby and Tony Stubblebine, who are also big names in the tech industry.  The duo will be the driving forces behind Lift, while Obvious will assist with design, strategy, funding and recruiting.  In return, Obvious will own some equity in the new startup company, Stone said.

“Our approach is threefold: Build, partner, and invest,” wrote Stone.

“We´ve started working on some ideas ourselves, we´re researching how best to create an investment vehicle, and today we´re thrilled to announce our first official partnership.”

In a blog posting entitled "Uplifting News About an Obvious Partnership," Stubblebine wrote that he and Crosby "do have a prototype" of the app, but were a “long way” from opening the doors to the public.

"Our intention is to create a long-lived company. But unlike my last company, we're not set on doing this alone. Enter Obvious," he wrote.

Obvious and Lift did not disclose any further details about the app, but interested parties can sign up at the Lift website to learn more about the project in the future.


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