August 27, 2011

Verizon Named Most Reliable Cellular Provider


Verizon Wireless is the most reliable cellular service in most regions of the United States, according to the results of a J.D. Power and Associates study released on Thursday.

According to Lance Whitney of CNET, J.D. Power and Associates named the New Jersey-headquartered telecom giant the top carrier in the Northeast region for the 14th consecutive year in their "U.S. 2011 Wireless Network Quality Performance Study--Volume 2."

The study measures customer complains of dropped calls, transmission failures, connection issues, and text message related delays, according to Whitney.

Verizon also topped performance ranking charts in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest, and West Regions. The company finished second to U.S. Cellular in the North Central region.

In the Northeast region, Sprint Nextel finished in second place, followed by T-Mobile. AT&T took second, with Sprint Nextel in third, in both the Mid-Atlantic and Southwest Regions. T-Mobile was runner-up in the Southeast, trailed by AT&T, and also took the No. 2 position in the West and No. 3 in the North Central Region. Sprint Nextel finished third in the West.

"Compared with other wireless carriers, Verizon has consistently taken the lead in performance, reliability, and customer care in past J.D. Power studies," Whitney said. "To gauge the reliability of wireless carriers, J.D. Power looked at a variety of issues, including dropped calls, calls not connected, audio problems, failed or late voice mails, lost calls, text message failures, late text message notifications, Web connection errors; e-mail connection errors, and slow downloads."

More than 22,000 customers were polled by the company between January and June 2011.

According to a J.P. Power and Associates press release, the study also discovered that fewer calls are being made or received, with the average wireless customer using just 450 minutes per month versus 2009 averages of 527 minutes per month. They also report that wireless customers send or receive an average of 39 text messages per 48-hour period, adding up to well over 500 per month.

"On average, smartphone customers continue to experience more problems than do traditional handset customers," the market research firm said in their statement. They added that among the 30 largest American markets, customers in the Salt Lake City, Utah market experienced the lowest average problem rates, and those in Sacramento, California experienced the highest.


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