Police Join Apple Employees In Hunt For Missing iPhone
September 4, 2011

Police Join Apple Employees In Hunt For Missing iPhone


San Francisco police have reportedly joined Apple in the hunt for a "lost item" (believed to be a prototype iPhone 5), various media outlets reported on Saturday.

As previously reported here on RedOrbit, the phone was allegedly lost by an Apple employee at a bar in San Francisco's Mission district back in July. The news, which was first reported by CNET on Wednesday, mirrors an incident last year in which an iPhone 4 prototype was lost in a bar and later sold to a reporter with the tech blog Gizmodo for $5,000.

According to AFP reports on September 3, the device was tracked using GPS technology to a house in San Francisco. Six men, including four police officers and two Apple employees, visited the home, the city's police department reportedly said in a press release distributed to news organizations.

"Apple employees called the Mission police station directly, wanting assistance in tracking down a lost item," the press release said, according to AFP. "The two Apple employees met with the resident and then went into the house to look for the lost item."

"The Apple employees did not find the lost item and left the house," the statement added.

Furthermore, while the statement did not overtly identify the name or type of item being searched for, both Reuters and AFP noted that the document name of the press release was "iphone5.doc."

The International Business Times (IBT) said that the home belonged to a 22-year-old man named Sergio Calderon, who had previously told reporters that he was at the same bar where the device was lost but did not know the missing item's whereabouts.

"Calderon initially told the SF Weekly that six people wearing badges and identifying themselves as San Francisco police officers searched his home one evening in July, rifled through his personal belongings and computer and 'threatened' him over the missing phone," the IBT report added.


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