Turkish Hackers Hijack Websites, Declare 'World Hackers Day'
September 5, 2011

Turkish Hackers Hijack Websites, Declare ‘World Hackers Day’


Turkish hackers reportedly hijacked several major websites on Sunday evening, diverting visitors to a websites declaring "World Hackers Day".

The hackers called themselves "TurkGuvenligi", which translates as "Turkish security".

The hijacked pages said:  “We TurkGuvenligi declare this day as World Hackers´ Day - Have fun ;).”

The hackers claimed credit for dozens of similar "defacement" attacks since late 2008. 

The attackers targeted NetNames and Ascio, which are two companies that provide Domain Name System (DNS) services, by converting them into machine-readable code.

There were seven high-profile websites that all displayed the hijack page, including National Geographic, UPS and Vodafone.

A UPS spokeswoman said that customer data and company information were not compromised by the attack.

Graham Cluley of Sophos, a security company, wrote in a blog post: "We have to be grateful that the message displayed appears to be graffiti, rather than an attempt to phish information from users or install malware."