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PROFICIENT ZERO(TM) Wireless Music System Debuts at CEDIA EXPO 2011

September 7, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — CEDIA EXPO — The PROFICIENT ZERO Wireless Music System adds powerful new features that build on the success of the brand’s AirFlex system. PROFICIENT ZERO transmits high-quality stereo sound up to 90 feet, reducing labor charges for speaker wire and cable runs through walls in existing homes and buildings. The system consists of the PROFICIENT ZERO transmitter and amplified receiver.

According to the recently released CEDIA Member Benchmarking survey, 63% of revenue for 2010 came from retrofit and remodel installs. With a reduced number of new home starts, people aren’t doing as much house-hopping.

“For installing dealers, PROFICIENT ZERO is ideal for retrofit applications where homeowners would like a whole-house sound system but without the mess and expense of getting into the walls to run wire. Installing dealers can put in a four or six room wireless sound system in one day while they are doing a flat-panel TV job,” said Keith Marshall of Proficient.

“Unlike almost every other custom install product out in the marketplace today, system integrators can easily demo PROFICIENT ZERO in a home or business. They can quickly show the benefits of a wireless multi-room system or a cost efficient improvement to a flat screen’s sound system. That’s why we will be offering to system integrators a ‘Music in Minutes(TM)’ demo kit to easily facilitate demonstration,” Marshall continued.

New features include the capability to expand up to as many as eight receivers per transmitter. The transmitter input connections include three analog audio channels plus optical audio and transmits them simultaneously. Transmitting all inputs enables the use of one transmitter to send “left and right” audio for “Zone 2″ or “rear surrounds” as well as audio to a subwoofer for a home theater system.

The PROFICIENT ZERO receiver comes with a high-quality 35 watt x 2 channel digital amp built in. The receiver features stereo speaker outputs, a stereo 3.5mm line out, a mono 3.5mm out (third analog audio channel), an optical in, a stereo 3.5mm input for local source and a front LED display. Analog or digital inputs, as well as a local source input, can be selected from the included IR remote.

In addition, the PROFICIENT ZERO receiver can be installed behind a wall-mounted TV and used as a utility amplifier to get better sound from the TV. It can run any powered subwoofer wirelessly.

Applications include wireless multi-room/multi-zone audio; wireless stereo speakers; wireless surround speakers; flat panel TV audio amp; wireless subwoofer for home theater; and computer/video game/mp3 players.

The PROFICIENT ZERO receiver has serious, powerful digital audio amps that can drive a wide range of loudspeakers to high levels with sonic clarity that rivals full-sized audio receivers.

The PROFICIENT ZERO system (Transmitter, Amplified Receiver with supplied remote) will have a MSRP of $500. Additional Amplified Receivers will be $350 each MSRP. Product will be shipping in Q4 2011.

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