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Identascan Corporation, progress report.

September 12, 2011

NEW YORK AND MONTREAL, Sept. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – Identascan
Corporation and partner-ICBS Ltd., (OTCPK: ICBTD),   announce progress report.

Identascan Corporation headed by Dr. Li Liu who is in the process of
developing a computer program that will allow the identification of
individuals by their body movements.  “Each individual’s body movement
is as personal as their fingerprint”, said Identascan’s President Dr.
Li Liu.

Dr. Liu holds Post-doctoral Fellowships in Bioresource
Engineering, Mathematics, a Ph D. in Computer Science, and  a B.Sc. in
Computer Science.

The first step for the Identascan project “Development of human
identification systems for visual surveillance in security-sensitive
environments” has done by the end of August 2011. In this step, the
framework for the human identification systems is developed and the
data for different biometrics is collected for the future research. The
detail work is described in the following.

        --  Development of the framework for human identification systems.
            There are three main stages in the proposed framework:
            Detection/initialization, Multi-target tracking, and
            Recognition. In the detection stage, persons in the frame
            stream will be located by detecting the human body and head and
            then roughly verified by face and/or gait analysis. Once the
            target persons are decided, the systems will run into the
            tracking stage. More biometric analysis and human pose and
            motion analysis will be involved in this stage to determine the
            objects (i.e. humans) of interest. The objects of interest are
            the input of the stage of recognition and the individuals will
            be identified based on biometrics. If no object of interest is
            found in the current frame stream, the systems will
            re-initialize and repeat the three stages.
        --  Data collection.  Different biometrics data has been collected
            from Asia and North America which includes face and gait.  The
            data will be used to develop tracking algorithms and
            recognition methods for the human identification systems.

In the next step, we will develop algorithms for object tracking and
person recognition based on different biometrics and collect the data
suitable for crowd analysis.

Identascan’s program will allow surveillance in such places as airports
and crowded walkways to identify an individual in a crowd even if only
40% of their body mass is visible.  The program which also incorporates
Artificial Intelligence along with proprietary identification and
scanning technologies .

ICBS is providing financing and management services.

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