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SecondServing.com: a Discounting Utility Website to Help Restaurants Launched by Vinfotech

September 12, 2011

INDORE, India, September 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Vinfotech today announced the official launch of SecondServing; a
discount dining website that participating restaurants can use to offer
exclusive discounts to the site’s patrons in California.

SecondServing brings to the table a mutually beneficial service for
restaurants and diners. Participating restaurants launch discounts in the
live stream that diners using the website can avail by calling and making

[http://www.vinfotech.com/success-stories/second-serving.htm ] is an
advertising boon for restaurants, while also generating revenues on slow
days, and a discount heaven for diners. It provides restaurants an
opportunity for creating a recurring diner base by backing the discounts
with excellent service, sumptuous food and a great ambience. Restaurants
have full control over when to launch and when to stop discounts, include or
exclude peak hours, decide party size and include or exclude beverages. They
can add discounts at the spur-of-the-moment or well in advance and make them
unavailable as soon as they have enough tables booked. They can interact
with diners in the discussions section. Restaurants using SecondServing
enjoy a dedicated web page and visibility on popular social networks like
Facebook and Twitter, amongst others.

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and updates.

Having made reservations at participating restaurants, diners secure
discounts without having to carry print outs or pass codes – the discount
simply reflects on their bill.

Happy with the development of this community website, Brett Memsic,
co-founder of the site commented, “It was a huge success. Everyone has been
so complimentary about the website and the whole experience. They like the
design, the feel, the intuitive nature. Both the eaters and the restaurant
had a great time. And the founders enjoyed themselves too! Thank you so much
for all your hard work and thank the team too. It really paid off as tonight
was a huge success! I wish you all could have been there to have seen it

Meanwhile, Akshay Jain, the CEO of Vinfotech [http://www.vinfotech.com ]
added – “SecondServing is the outcome of synchronized hard work done by our
team in analyzing and developing the concept. At Vinfotech, our aim was to
offer an interactive experience for the end users. The project has been
planned after studying the online information search behavior of various

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