May 3, 2004

StarNet Launches X-Win64, Industry’s First 64-Bit PC X Server for Opteron Systems

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- StarNet Communications Corp., a leading publisher of Windows-to-UNIX/Linux connectivity software, announced X-Win64, the industry's first PC X server developed for next-generation 64-bit Opteron-based computer workstations and servers running 64-bit operating systems from Microsoft.

X-Win64 is fully compliant with the Microsoft Windows XP/64 and Windows Server 2003 64-Bit Edition. X-Win64 currently runs on computers built around the 64-bit Opteron microprocessor from Advanced Micro Devices. A version designed for Intel Itanium-based systems is currently in development.

X-Win64 offers a significant boost in performance when connecting to high-end CAD, EDA and other graphics software running on powerful UNIX and LINUX servers. Benchmark tests showed a dramatic performance boost of 3-D applications with X-Win64 versus the same applications running on a 32-bit Windows system with X-Win32. The "Particle" OpenGL test application, for example, achieved a 129 frames-per-second (fps) rate on a 1.4GHz dual Opteron system running Windows XP/64. The same application recorded a 45 fps rate on a 2GHz Windows XP system.

With 64-bit Opteron workstations generally available for under $2,000.00, the stage is set for rapid acceleration of this next-generation computing platform, said StarNet co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Steven Schoch. "With X-Win64, StarNet offers customers a smooth migration path to 64-bit computing. The first wave of 64-bit adoption will be in the area of high-end database and technical applications such as IC design and 3-D simulation tools that benefit the most from 64-bit performance. This describes much of the traditional customers for PC X server software. X-Win64 allows engineers to significantly improve their productivity."

X-Win64 offers the same functionality as StarNet's current 32-bit flagship PC X server, X-Win32. These functions include support for OpenGL-based 3-D graphics applications, a PuTTY-based Secure Shell (SSH) data security client, and the ability to connect to multiple UNIX desktops from different remote host systems.

X-Win64 underscores StarNet's commitment to re-invigorate the PC X server market with leading-edge connectivity solutions, said Paul Swart, StarNet Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "StarNet continues to drive innovation in the PC X server market. We see a tremendous opportunity to help push the migration to the 64-bit platform among engineers and other power users by offering an affordably priced 64-bit X server."


X-Win64 lists at US$325.00 in quantities up to 10 units. The product will carry a discounted introduction price of US$295.00, including a free one-year Maintenance contract, through June 30. Volume, government and educational discounts are available on request. A trial version of X-Win64, including a one-month evaluation license key, can be downloaded from the StarNet Web site at .

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