November 21, 2006

AccuHolidays: World’s Largest All-Christmas-Music Radio Station Launches With 26 Channels of Holiday Tunes

Award-winning Internet radio webcaster AccuRadio today launched the 2006 version of its all-Christmas-music multichannel Internet radio station,, featuring the widest and deepest playlist of Christmas music in the history of radio broadcasting.

AccuHolidays features a huge variety of genre-based (e.g., jazz) and other types of channels, including, a channel called "Chestnuts Roasting" that is comprised of nothing but over 210 different versions of the Mel Torme & Robert Wells holiday classic, "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)." was the world's first multichannel Christmas-music radio station when it debuted on the Web in 2003. That year, AccuHolidays offered listeners five channels of music -- a main channel, plus "subchannels" featuring the genres of rock, pop, jazz, and country.

In its 2006 incarnation, now offers listeners 26 channels of holiday music in virtually possible genre -- including rock, pop, jazz, country, R&B, classical, Celtic, and many others. Other AccuHolidays channels include a channel comprised solely of dozens of versions of "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" and one called "Blue and White Christmas" that mixes dozens of versions of "White Christmas" (including Bing Crosby's) with dozens of versions of "Blue Christmas" (including Elvis Presley's). is unique among Christmas-music radio stations, in addition to its wide and deep playlist and huge number of channels, in that it is customizable. Listeners can pause songs, skip songs they don't like, and even tweak the playlist to "deselect" artists they don't want to hear.

(This is technologically possible because AccuHolidays creates a separate steam of music for each listener. At its peak listenership, in the final days before Christmas, AccuHolidays will be delivering tens of thousands of different streams of programming simultaneously, according to founder Kurt Hanson.), AccuHolidays' parent, is one of the world's leading multichannel Internet radio properties, reaching a monthly audience of almost a million unique listeners. (Source: Earlier this year, AccuRadio won the 2006 Webby "People's Voice" Award for "Best Radio." (The Webby Awards are considered "the Oscars of the Internet"; see