December 6, 2006

Beyond the News: France 24 Goes On-Air in US — On MHz, the TV Network for the Globally-Minded

WASHINGTON and PARIS, Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- France 24 -- the new international news channel from France and latest entrant into the around-the- clock international news arena -- is ready to debut in the US on December 7 on MHz Networks, the leading US TV network fostering a broader understanding of the world.

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France 24's US debut will coincide with its worldwide channel launch on December 7. At 2:30PM (EST), MHz Networks, France 24's US partner, will start transmission of the channel in Washington DC on MHz3 (Comcast Channel 186 as well as free digital broadcast 30-3).

France 24 promises to provide a fresh perspective on world events, driven by debate and respect for the diversity of cultures. "Providing a different angle and contrasting viewpoints on world news, France 24 adds another strong voice to the world stage and is a natural fit to MHz's portfolio. MHz has been committed to bringing the broadest range of world opinion to American audiences for over a decade. Positioning itself between CNN and the Arab media, France 24 delivers an interesting spectrum of opinions throughout the program," says Frederick Thomas, General Manager and Executive Vice President of MHz Networks.

Designed to challenge Anglo-Saxon dominated viewpoints in international news, France 24 broadcasts primarily in English and gives voice to business, news, culture, sports and 'art de vivre' -- Beyond the news, as its mission suggests.

MHz Networks will air France 24 24/7 on MHz3 (Comcast Channel 186 and free digital broadcast on 30-3) in the Washington DC area. In addition, the best of France 24 will be featured on MHz's national program stream, MHz Worldview -- a 24/7 channel for internationally-oriented viewers, capturing the best programs in news, foreign films, music and culture from around the world in one channel. Designed to inspire cross-cultural understanding and dialogue with informative, entertaining and intellectually stimulating programs, MHz Worldview will launch nationwide on January 1 on PBS stations in leading US cities as well as on the DirecTV and Globecast WorldTV services.

MHz Networks is an independent, noncommercial television network, dedicated to promoting a broader perspective of the world.

Delivering the widest range of world opinion to the nation's capital for over a decade on 8 international channels, MHz has become a media leader in active outreach, connecting the foreign-born to their homelands and making Americans part of a larger world. MHz Networks aims to encourage dialogue between cultures and has won several awards for its own original productions.

FRANCE 24 is the first French international news channel to broadcast on a 24/7 basis. Launched in December 2006, it brings a French perspective to world news.

Resolutely modern, FRANCE 24 extends its reach via a continually updated and comprehensive trilingual website in French, English and Arabic. Built upon a commitment to upholding cultural, political and economic diversity, FRANCE 24 offers groundbreaking images and news reports to provide a quality alternative on the international news scene.

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