December 12, 2006

AgentSecure/InsureZone to Offer Online Quoting and Lead Generation

AgentSecure/InsureZone has teamed up with Los Angeles-based IMMS/Group 500 to offer online quoting and lead generation.

IMMS is utilizing the InsureZone commercial comparative rating platform to power the real-time quoting and lead generation service offered through its 2OrderDirect web site.

The partnership will focus on making "quoted leads" from the 2OrderDirect site available to the nationwide network of Group 500 agencies. Group 500 agents will receive an email notice of an available lead and can go to their AgentSecure Dashboard to see results from AgentSecure's stable of national and super regional carriers.

"Combining the marketing capabilities of IMMS and 2OrderDirect with the quoting and sales efficiency of AgentSecure will generate more sales," says InsureZone CEO John Pergande.

By completing one 20-question application, business owners receive quotes from up to nine national and super regional carriers for four lines of business. An agent will then follow up with the business owner to close the sale. Pergande says that by reducing the time that an agent spends on getting the initial premium indication, the system can reduce the cost of new sales significantly.

"The 2OrderDirect leads - representing potential buyers who have found this site through such search engines as Google, Yahoo!, or MSN - will be a natural fit for Group 500's experienced agent base," says IMMS/Group 500 chairman George Nordhaus.