December 13, 2006

Tel(X) Welcomes Overseas Media Inc., To Its New York City Facility

NEW YORK, Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- tel(x) welcomes Overseas Media, owner of the globally-distributed Russian-language television network RTVI, to its interconnection facility located at 60 Hudson Street in New York City. Overseas Media joins the growing list of media and content providers located in tel(x) facilities nationwide.

Broadcasting 24 hours a day to over 50 million viewers worldwide, RTVI is the premier independent Russian television network. By locating its Video over Internet Protocol network at tel(x), RTVI will be able to significantly extend its reach in exchanging video content. "We have grown exponentially in the past three years, and we needed a more expansive broadcast and production facility with greater networking capacity," explains Julius Feinstein, Overseas Media's Director of Broadcast Operations and Engineering. "As we integrate into this market, we are finding increasing opportunities for interconnections."

Overseas Media's move will eliminate the costly local loop fees traditionally associated with network interconnections, helping to offset the high costs associated with providing high definition content. Additionally, by taking a direct presence at tel(x), Overseas Media will have access to a greater number of networks and more robust network infrastructures for exchanging high-definition content, facilitating their long-term growth objectives.

From tel(x)'s perspective, the introduction of Overseas Media into the 60 Hudson facility widens the current selection of next-generation media and content providers. "There is definitely a growing frequency with which these media networks are converging in neutral interconnection sites," states Hunter Newby, Chief Strategy Officer for tel(x). "Overseas Media is a great addition to tel(x). They are a major contributor to the international media marketplace, with the savvy and foresight to make use of broadcast IP video networking. We are excited to have them join our growing community of video networks."

About Overseas Media, Inc.

Overseas Media owns the only fully-fledged privately-held Russian-language information and television service. It is independent of the Russian government and currently reaches approximately 50 million international viewers. They have also entered the film production business, and do advertising and Internet-based information projects. Through its affiliates, it holds worldwide rights to the largest Russian and Soviet movie library, consisting of more than 2,500 titles.

About tel(x)

tel(x) is the internationally recognized, premier operator of telecom "meet-me" network interconnection facilities. The tel(x) facilities are considered some of the most densely populated "core" interconnect sites in North America. More than 250 networks physically converge within tel(x)'s New York City facility, and more than 100 networks physically converge within its Atlanta facility. Often described as a "marketplace" for network services, tel(x) actively promotes, encourages, and facilitates telecom business opportunities between and among its carrier and enterprise customers. tel(x) customers report higher revenue, greater profit margins, and lower costs from their tel(x) based network operations. Known for its "best of class" facilities and customer support services, tel(x) continues to enjoy industry leading growth, expansion, and profitability. tel(x) is a privately held company, headquartered in New York City, USA.


CONTACT: Megan Foley, Marketing Associate of tel(x), +1-212-480-3300,[email protected]; or Mr. Sergey Shestakov, Executive Vice President of OverseasMedia Inc., +1-646-292-0000, [email protected]

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