December 14, 2006

OmniAmerican Bank Implements Online Business Banking Tools

Fort Worth, Texas-based OmniAmerican has chosen Digital Insight to supply online business banking tools that will enable the bank to focus on attracting, serving and retaining customers instead of managing in-house services.

Digital Insight maintains more than 100 interfaces to core processing platforms, enabling it to integrate hundreds of products and services with the core systems of a large number of financial institutions. The banking services company monitors the security and reliability of all its technology interfaces from within its own data center.

Through Digital Insight's Business Banking application, OmniAmerican will offer its business customers access to ARP positive pay, web pay, check imaging, web connect for Quickbooks users, online payroll services and remote deposit image capture, which enables users to scan the front and back of deposit checks at their place of business and then transmit the electronic images over the internet for processing to their bank account.

The bank will also partner with Digital Insight to provide secure online customer service for these applications by using Secure Support and Secure Online Chat.

In addition, OmniAmerican treasury management users will be protected by Online Fraud Shutdown Service and Multifactor Authentication tools. According to the vendor, these help enhance login security beyond username and password by storing a second factor of identity authentication on each user's PC to help prevent fraudsters from impersonating legitimate users.