January 24, 2007

Unlimited Free Podcast Hosting From MyPodcast.Com Lets Users Earn Money

First Beat Media recently launched a free and unlimited podcast hosting service at www.MyPodcast.com, simplifying the podcast creation process with a free recorder, hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability for users to earn money with their podcasts. Now podcast creators can avoid the high costs of hosting and bandwidth, and can transfer existing podcasts to the site.

With the new year often comes the ambition to try new things, such as testing new technology or trying to earn money independently. Those unfamiliar with podcasting now have an opportunity to do both in 2007, with no cost or obligation, through the free podcast services which allow users to:

1. Choose a podcast template, and set up a custom URL, where their podcast will be hosted.

2. Record their podcast using the site's free downloadable recorder application.

3. Host an unlimited number of podcasts and episodes, including unlimited bandwidth at no charge.

4. Earn money through the podcasts by placing ad spots in the episodes, and setting custom ad rates.

5. Have podcasts integrated into the iTunes music store.

To sign up for free podcast hosting, users can visit www.MyPodcast.com, click "Create Your Podcast for Free," fill out a simple registration for, and choose a pre-designed podcast template, which can be edited later. Users can then download the MyPodcast recorder, which makes recording, and even inserting ads into their episodes, easy.

About MyPodcast.com

MyPodcast.com is a completely free podcast hosting and recording service, which provides unlimited podcast hosting and bandwidth, plus the opportunity for users to earn money through their podcasts. The site offers a free downloadable recorder application, which makes recording easy and provides a simple means for including ad spots directly into recorded podcast episodes. Custom URLs and inclusion in the iTunes Music Store catalogue allow for easier promotion of podcasts.

For additional information about MyPodcast, please visit www.MyPodcast.com, or contact Eric Taylor at 720-269-0891.