February 23, 2007

Survey: Boys Watch More Porn Than Girls

More than one out of three 13- and 14-year-old boys surveyed in Alberta, Canada, reported being a heavy watcher of pornography.

The survey by the University of Alberta found that teen boys in rural areas were more likely than those in cities to have viewed porn.

Boys were much more frequent viewers of pornography than girls, the survey found, with a third of male respondents saying they've viewed pornographic DVDs or videos too many times to count, compared to 8 percent of girls.

Most of the students said they viewed pornography at Web sites on the Internet.

The anonymous survey included 429 students, ages 13 and 14, from 17 urban and rural schools across Alberta Province.

Graduate student Sonya Thompson, a former sex education teacher, said she's concerned about the messages pornography sends and the expectations it creates.

What kinds of expectations will these young people have going into their first sexual relationships? It may be setting up a big disconnect between boys and girls and may be normalizing risky sex practices, she said.