March 7, 2007

Ethiopian Private FM Radio to Begin Broadcasting 10 March

Text of report in English by pro-Ethiopian government Walta Information Centre website on 7 March

Addis Ababa, 6 March: The first private FM radio in the country, Fana FM 98.1, will start regular broadcasting on Saturday [10 March], the manager of Radio Fana disclosed.

The manager, Woldu Ymesl, told WIC [Walta Information Centre] today that Fana FM 98.1 will start broadcasting under the already functioning station, Radio Fana. He recalled that three privately owned FM radios had secured licences from the Ethiopian Broadcast Agency, out of which Fana FM 98.1 is the first to start broadcasting.

The FM radio station will air its programmes for 18 hours every day, focusing on live discussions on social and economic affairs, it was learnt.

Listeners would be encouraged not only to listen but take part on live discussions concerning good governance, unemployment, shortage of housing and their solutions, the manager stated.

Adequate preparations have been made to make Fana FM 98.1 competitive with the existing stations, according to Woldu. Ten organizations will also participate by broadcasting various programmes, he said.

Fana FM 98.1 will commence its transmission after being inaugurated by government officials, mass media professionals and partners, according to the manager.

Radio Fana PLC has been airing radio programmes with short and medium waves since November 2004, it was learnt.

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