March 19, 2007

PQ Corporation Announces Expansion of Silica-Chrome Catalyst Capacity

PQ Corporation, the chemicals and engineered glass materials company, announced today that it has expanded its manufacturing facilities in Rahway, NJ and Kansas City, KS, increasing the production of silica-chrome catalysts to meet growing worldwide demand.

PQ is a key global producer of high pore volume chrome-on-silica catalysts, used worldwide to make many grades of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The company specializes in the manufacture of customized catalysts by working with resin producers to design products with combinations of silica support properties and catalytic metal compositions to create polymers optimized for specific end uses. These customized catalysts allow polyethylene producers to manufacture exceptionally tough films, blow-molded products, wire and cable sheathings, and pipe. With the expanded facilities, the company is actively pursuing additional demand in HDPE and other chemical synthesis opportunities using silica-based catalysts.

Dr. Thomas Pullukat, Global Commercial Director of PQ's Silica Catalyst business, said, "While we have been continuously upgrading and debottlenecking our processes, this is the initial phase of a multiphase expansion aimed at extending our capabilities and keeping up with further expected growth in this market. The initial expansion has exceeded our expectations and our customers can expect ongoing uninterrupted supply."

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About PQ Corporation

PQ Corporation ( is a leading producer of inorganic specialty chemicals and engineered glass materials. The Company conducts operations through two principal businesses: the Chemicals division, which develops, manufactures and sells high performance silicate-based specialty chemicals, and the Potters division, which manufactures and sells highly engineered solid and hollow glass spheres. The Company's products are used in variety of applications in a diverse range of industrial, consumer and governmental end-markets. The Company operates 58 manufacturing sites in 19 countries on five continents and has one of the most comprehensive global manufacturing and distribution networks serving customers in the Company's end-markets.