March 24, 2007

S. Korea Wants to Block Porn Web Sites

South Korea's Ministry of Information and Communication has asked that the possibility of blocking all foreign pornographic Web sites be investigated.

Ministry official Suh Byung-jo told the Korea Times that the government group Friday asked national fixed-line servers to investigate the matter further and determine if such actions could be done to protect the nation's youth.

We are set to deny access to porn sites based overseas, with details being unveiled early next week, the ministry's director general said.

We feel obliged to come up with measures to counter the recent woes caused by adult video clips available on the internet, he added.

Earlier this week, several pornographic clips were made available on sites like Yahoo Korea and were promptly downloaded by tens of thousands of citizens.

Suh told the Times that while such an effort could be costly in terms of both money and Internet connection speeds, the ability to block offending sites would be worth it.