March 30, 2007

HGC Launches o8Media Digital Media Entertainment Service With Pioneer Hollywood Movie Download Service and Over 150,000 Music and Music Videos for Selection

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC) and ViDeOnline Communications (Asia) Limited (VDO) jointly announce a new service to be launched in Hong Kong, on-demand digital media entertainment service in Hong Kong. It is the first online service to offer legal Hollywood and Asian movies, music and music video content on single service platform; bringing a revolutionary multi-platform entertainment experience to HGC broadband customers.

This service offers the largest online music and music video library in Hong Kong, as well as a comprehensive movie library that includes well known Hollywood and Asian movies and TV dramas.

By using HGC's unsurpassed, dedicated 10Mbps broadband internet access service, customers can truly enjoy online digital entertainment service by experiencing the downloading speed of the superior online content without being affected by total number of online users. In addition, while customers enjoy entertainment content online through this service, other online activities such as Internet surfing, chatting, will not be interrupted. is the latest online digital media entertainment superstore, providing one-stop on-demand entertainment content under two main channels -- "o8Music Club" and "o8Movie Club" with largest numbers of audio music, music video and movies selections for legal online viewing and download. All HGC customers can now enjoy this revolutionary service with a special monthly promotional subscription price at HK$79 and HK$99 per month respectively. According to different customer needs, o8Media service allows customers to select content from its comprehensive movie, music video and music library by enjoying through online streaming or download to PC for playback.

   Service features of :    -- Hong Kong's first online Hollywood movies download rental service         -- Pioneering online digital movie rental service where movies can            be a downloaded and stored on a PC for a 24 hour period, allowing            users to browse and download hundreds of new and classic hit            movies directly from the studios.         -- Using the latest "progressive viewing" technology to allow users            to view movies during the downloading process without having to            wait for the download to finish before viewing         -- No worrying about carrying and returning DVDs to the video store.            As digital movies will be automatically deleted from PC after            viewing period expires.    -- Hong Kong's first and largest "Online Premier" movie library         -- entertainment service gives member convenient            access to premier online entertainment that includes music and            music videos from the hottest artists to the biggest blockbuster            movies.         -- For less than a price of a DVD, users can enjoy watching movies            from our complete movie catalog that includes films from the            worlds largest Hollywood studios.         -- Our movie studio partners include Warner Bros. Sony Pictures,            Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Miramax Films,            Sparrowhawk (Hallmark), National Geographic and Universe Film         -- Over 50 new movies, documentaries and TV episodes will be added            every month to our rolling online movie catalogue.    -- Hong Kong's largest online digital music library         -- Over 10,000 music artists, 150,000 international and local music            tracks and 5,000 music video; including pre-release copies, Hip            Hop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Classicals and original sound tracks for            customers' selection         -- Customers can create, save and manage their own playlist online         -- One-click and listen to music online, no need to download    Superior Quality Guarantee   -- Superior audio and video quality is comparable to CD and DVD   -- Encoding rate of Music and Movies is up to 192Kbps and 2MBps      respectively    Simple step for using  

HGC customers enjoy music and movies on-demand and create an online personal library by a simply register and login to the service website at

For the details of digital media entertainment service, or details about free service trial, please contact us by our hotline at 1226 or visit our website at

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Hutchison Global Communications Limited ("HGC") owns the largest fibre-to-the-building telecommunications network in Hong Kong. Since its establishment in 1995, it has been fully committed to building its own network infrastructure. With the scalability of its global bandwidth capacities and direct links to networks in Mainland China, HGC provides instant connectivity around the world, including Asia, North America and Europe.

Riding on HGC's advanced fibre-optic technology, customers enjoy leading-edge services such as Ethernet symmetrical broadband access, corporate data transmission solutions, International Private Leased Circuit services, Internet Protocol Transit services and quality local and overseas call services. Building on its leading presence in Hong Kong, HGC is also establishing a strategic foothold in the global marketplace.

HGC is a subsidiary of Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited ("Hutchison Telecom"). Hutchison Telecom is a leading listed telecommunications operator focusing on dynamic markets. It currently offers mobile and fixed-line telecommunication services in Hong Kong, and operates or is rolling out mobile telecommunication services in India, Israel, Macau, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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ViDeOnline Communications, Ltd aggregates digital media content for distribution over its secured O8 Media network to broadband carriers, IPTV and Digital TV providers and mobile phone carriers. ViDeOnline's initial market focus is Asia, specifically China. The Company secures the content by enhancing industry standard Digital Rights Management technologies for delivery to PCs, set top boxes, mobile phones and DRM supported portable players. Its full end to end network capabilities include content management with a full suite of ingestion tools for a wide range of consumer viewing devices, content security management with industry approved DRM and watermarking, subscriber management with billing and real time transaction record reporting, as well as network management to monitor server and network congestion, transaction integrity and content flow. As one of the technology pioneers in this digital media network space in Asia, ViDeOnline is able to secure licenses for distribution of major Hollywood studio content, as well as music from the major record labels, and is uniquely positioned to becoming one of the leading providers of digital media content in Asia.

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