April 3, 2007

MHz Networks Brings Russia Today to Washington DC

WASHINGTON and MOSCOW, April 3 /PRNewswire/ -- America's media pioneer MHz Networks launches Russia Today as its 5th international 24/7 channel in Washington DC. Beginning April 3, viewers can watch the Russian perspective on world events in English on MHz 5 (terrestrial 30-5, 57-5 and Comcast channel 206).

Covering news, business, culture, sports and science and an emphasis on Russia's role in the international economy, the channel will provide a valuable guide for viewers with professional or personal interests in Russia. "This new program service delivers Russia on its terms. The fact that it is in English will give more people a sense of what the new Russia looks and feels like," says Frederick Thomas, General Manager of MHz Networks. Russia Today delivers exclusive coverage of events in Russia through continuous video feeds from journalists working across Russia's enormous regions and in correspondent bureaus in London, Paris, Jerusalem, Washington DC and Cairo. "To enter the U.S. cable networks is a task which even the giants like BBC spend years on. It is very important for us to make RT available not only via Internet, or satellite platforms, but also on air to those for whom our channel broadcasts -- for the non-Russian speakers who are interested in Russia and world affairs, for those who shape public opinion, make decisions or give advice to the decision-makers. That is why it was so important to launch RT on cable in Washington," said Margarita Simonyan, Russia Today's Editor-in-Chief.

Adding Russia Today to its globally-oriented channel portfolio, MHz Networks claims its place in the international news networks arena, carrying now five international channels in Washington DC, among them France 24, Russia Today and NTA, in addition to MHz's own national channel, MHz worldview -- a 24/7 flagship TV channel that captures the best international programs from around the world in one channel available in key US cities.

For more information, go to http://www.mhznetworks.org/.

MHz NETWORKS is an independent, noncommercial television network, dedicated to bringing globally minded program streams to America.

Headquartered in Washington DC, MHz Networks has evolved as media pioneer and leader in international programs with a steadfast commitment to advocate a broader media balance in the US. For over a decade, a stronghold in DC, MHz connects the foreign-born with their homelands and educates American viewers about the rest of the world. Maintaining two studios in the Washington area, MHz has aired a multitude of sought-after programs and won many awards for its own in-house productions.

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CONTACT: Nicolette Kuba-Hurd, Marketing Director of MHz Networks,+1-703-770-7135

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