May 7, 2007

World’s Brightest Cordless Surgical Headlights Unveiled

ST. PAUL, Minn., May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- In the past, physicians have had two options when selecting portable surgical lighting - high-quality, fiber- optic headlights that are tethered by inconvenient cords or convenient LED cordless headlights that generate lower quality lighting.

Until now.

Enova Medical Technologies announced today its solution with the world's brightest cordless surgical headlights - the new IRIS(TM) and IRIS Ultra- lite(TM) Cordless Surgical Headlights, and the HELIOS(TM) Fiber Optic Headlight System.

The IRIS and IRIS Ultra-lite headlights utilize the newest generation of LED illumination technology optimized for the high performance needs of the surgical operating room. Both products utilize a crizal coated front lens and proprietary reflector technology that deliver light output upwards of 100,000 lux (9,200 foot-candles) making the IRIS the brightest, whitest LED surgical headlight available today.

The IRIS can be completely cordless and offers physicians the flexibility of attaching batteries directly to the headset (weighing 17 oz.) or remove the batteries from the headset and power it by using a belt pack (weighing 11 oz.)

The IRIS Ultra-lite is an even lighter option, weighing less than nine ounces (9 oz.), with a battery powered belt pack. It's also more aesthetically streamlined as the battery mounts and the crown knob strap have been removed from the headset.

   Highlights of the IRIS products include:    -- Cordless - no fiber optic cable or power supply;    -- Easy to maintain - no cable or bulbs to replace (LED's last over       50,000 hours);    -- Consistently cool bright light - delivers upwards of 100,000 lux,       without desiccating the surgical site and with no light degradation       for the life of the LED;    -- Color temperature range of 6,200 - 6,500 K;    -- Portable - entire system fits in a drawstring bag; and    -- Battery-powered - reusable lithium-ion batteries provide 4-8 hours of       use per charge.   

The HELIOS is a 300-watt xenon fiber optic light system that provides the brightest light (6,000 Kelvin) available on the market today for true tissue rendition. It has a variable light intensity control that allows 0-100% illumination. The HELIOS provides 600-1,000 hours of lamp life, a rotary turret that is designed to accept multiple type fiber optic light cables, and a storage compartment for headlights, loupes and cables.

"We're proud to be the leader in surgical illumination," said Fariborz Boor Boor, CEO of Enova. "Physicians now have the best of both worlds. They can use the HELIOS, the finest fiber optic system available in the market - or they can use the IRIS, the finest LED cordless headlight that not only

provides incredibly bright, surgical-quality light output, but is also lightweight and comfortable to use."

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